Themes You Can Try For This Year's Family Christmas Photo

30 September 2016
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If you're like many families, the all-important Christmas photo is the one time of year where you gather up the entire brood for that perfect shot. You've done every theme you can think of: matching sweaters, outdoor shots, goofy novelty ornament background scenes, and you want to try something new. Here are themes you can do for this year's family Christmas photo that keep the spirit of the holiday alive while still being unique and worthy of adorning any refrigerator.

Old-time photo

Have the family all dress in solid, white shirts with dark jeans and pose for an old-time photo. These photos are typically shot in a burnt-sienna hue over black and white and look stunning when everyone in the frame is wearing clothing that is plain in style. Have a single pine tree in the background or a classic manger scene surrounding your family if you want to include the holiday in the old-fashioned shot. If you want to have professionally done photos, consider contacting a company like Four Sisters Old Time Photo.

Sporty photo

If you have a quirky family who loves to be outside, ditch the classic photo op where everyone is sitting on a sleigh or individual sleds and try an action shot instead. Make snowballs and gaily throw them towards one another for gleeful shots everyone will love receiving. If you don't want to go for the snowball fight theme, then have the family gather to build a snowman instead, complete with mugs of cocoa in hand and rosy cheeks for the perfect shot.

Campfire photo

You may have done a fire-themed Christmas photo in the past, having your entire brood gathered around a fireplace smiling cheerfully at the camera. If you love the crackling fire in the background but want to try something new, then do a campfire shot instead. Have everyone wear colorful hats and mittens and gather everyone on logs surrounding a large campfire in the middle of the snow (you can build a fire in a fire pit as well if you don't have access to a fire-safe area). As props your family can hold sticks with marshmallows on them, ready to make a sweet treat.

You can make your family Christmas photographs simply stunning this year by thinking outside the box. There are many different themes you can try that still allow you to put the holiday spirit in each shot without being too cliche or repetitive. Play around with themes you and your family are interested in so you can get the perfect shot you will cherish for years to come.